Saturday, August 30, 2014

"The Summer Wind"

It's 12:30 a.m. and the breeze is still flowing right through our apartment. This same breeze 6 months ago was so strong it slammed the doors through the house which put holes in the walls.

The summer wind here in Surabaya has been great. A convention and a campaign.

(Not to many blonde, brunettes, or baldies)

Rick and I were interviewed as a 'couple' back in Jakarta. Fortunately we didn't get that same treatment in Surabaya. Sitting on chairs in a relaxed setting is so much sweeter. It is strange to be on a part that is interviewing full-time servants with experience. I don't feel that way...

(Yup, that's saying ALLAH above our heads)

The big story of course is all the work going on for the campaign. We had 3 new young ones become unbaptised publishers just for the campaign. Since our hall doesn't have a 2nd school, we had brothers sitting around all over the place asking questions. 

(Good job kids! 8,10,16)

For the campaign you find people who speak English in all types of places, cages, and...

(A white monkey with red eyes eating potato chips??? Nah, a lie. It was apple)

Even on rooftop hotel bars it's an opportunity for a Bible Study. In this case with a sunset.

(Double Blessing)

We had some time to relax before the campaign. So we went up to the mts near Surabaya to a home that's home to the dog show. Literally.

(This is the son of the Akita that is the Indonesian National Champion)

We worked in one of the colleges district of Surabaya and happened to hit the right spot for lunch. A traditional style Indonesian restaurant on a lake.

(The meal was spicy, so was the conversation. Dave Daniella and Gloria are Latinas)

Other days after the meeting we go out to eat. This place we ate gave free crackers and pictures on motorbikes..

(Also nice having Malaysian need greaters come down and visit as well!)

There's a lot more need greaters coming. It's good we need them. Kam is hear from France with the Chinese. He sprained his foot playing local indoor soccer. So the Indonesian brothers helped him out. 

(Real Love. Massaging another brothers feet while squatting)


Another need-greating cowboy named Chad came. It's so late, and I'm tired. I can't tell you the amazing details about this picture. Hikes through the jungle in the dark, monkeys attacking your bags, pure paradise,,, sorry no time. 

(A uninhabited island on South Java on Indian Ocean. Think the movie "The Beach" with Leo, only better...)

In other news, even though it's the Muslim school holiday for fasting month, everybody takes the month to travel. The friends in Malang did too. 

(After playing camp-fire games till it was off to the waterfall)

I was invited down to Jogjakarta to give a talk. Good times, good people. Including Patra who I have known for years, Erik my old roommate and Will and Daniella who were on the same part as me in Jakarta English Convention. They got some great stories from East Timor.

(We went to Italy for lunch)

I had the talk on Joy. I'm really starting to like that talk. Joy is from within and you need God's spirit to get it. Jogja is tolerant to religions, but we still don't have a Kingdom Hall. In our sisters house; that's snow white and the seven dwarfs above the literature cabinet at the house where the meeting was. 

(I wonder who is sleepy?)

The day after the meeting and 6 a.m. public witnessing, YIKES!, we headed a few hours away to the beach. On the way we went tubing through a cave. Ya, in Indo it's OK.
Then we went to the beach which was rugged and beautiful. Funny seeing all the people swimming and jeans up to their ankles in water.
When we were leaving we saw all these people on the side of the road as the sun was going down and they had their results from the farming, the hats, the wrinkles on the face, and it was a priceless shot in a moment in time.

(Then we saw them a few minutes later)

Back in Surabaya I saw hermit crabs. A lot of them. For sale.

(After all that work, and yet it only costs 2000 rupiah -18 cents is beyond me)

For the campaign we headed out to Madura. An island off the cost of East Java. We split into 4 cars and had a great time. Busy from morning to night. We did a 12 hour plus service day.
In one of the little villages they were celebrating the nations Independence day.

(Hey! How do you want to celebrate Independence day? "Lets tape a long nail tour our butt and drop the nail in the glass!" "Great idea! The fastest squatter wins the prize!")

After a long day in service some of the brothers wanted to do a bit of tourism. GOOD CALL.

(An old Dutch Lighthouse)

We had 13 flights of steel 130 year old stairs to climb, but it was worth it!

(The view from the top of the lighthouse at Sunset) 

Back in Surabaya they had the 17th of August celebration. I've preaching in a lot of uncomfortable situations, but this one was up there. I knew a lot of the gov't officials have never received a witness.
I knew as well a lot of them knew English, including the Ambassadors from a few country's.

(Take a breath, quick prayer, and pass the tract out)

On another day in the ministry we headed to one of our favorite spots, the English Village. I can't get enough of this place. So good and easy to talk to people. It was so nice to have 4 full cars of friends of came.

(If you look at the older blog posts, we always go to this BBQ Restaurant. It's too good to pass up.)

I could only go a half a day since I had a wedding to attend. The wedding was about 3-4 hours drive through the mts, lakes, gardens, and small towns. Just a gorgeous ride. On arriving it got to be spent with a lot of old friends. 

(This was supposed to be the 'free' or go wild picture. "Mikha,  I hope you can tell that being 'wild' runs in the family)

This last week our meeting was postponed because the Indonesian congregation has it's C.O. So why not go for the campaign to a city in our territory with only 1,000,000 people or more and no kingdom hall yet a small congregation.

(I havent' laughed this much, nor hear the friends laugh this much in years. 8 girls in the car, and a foreign driver and an easy punch line as my co-captain.) 

Mojokerto is famous due to it's history and connection with the Majapahit Kingdom. They have museums, old temples, and a lot of bricks. 

(This is just one of the interesting facts. You don't think of a water cistern as anything special, but in this case, it was tied into spiritism! I wonder if Joseph or Jeremiah's cistern was a well a bad cistern?)


Just around the corner from the Hindu relics, and animistic cisterns, there is a Mosque and a Buddhist retreat... I had a great conversation with one of the monk's there. He took the BT book and asked me to come back. Maybe I will, if there's free incense involved. 

(I'm not sure which religion is which)

How is your service day where you are? Well in our service territory we have building's from the 10th century lying around. Good place to informal witness.

(Ya,  some informal witness, others take pictures... :)


Then to finish off our ministry, it was a carnival on the main road. We walked up and down the road talking to people. NOBODY here knows Jehovah's Witnesses or I think that's another reason the English is so special and opens up so many doors.

(Hey girl, I see you in there)

Back home, there's always a sunset. They never get old... Especially in a busy month with nearly 450 tracts place. I'm sure others have amazing stories. We have some nice ones too, but... that's all the time we have. 
(No comment)

I leave in just a few hours for a big trip. If I didn't write this now at 1am the little things that makes the everyday here in Surabaya, Indonesia will be forgotten....

Take care, and I hope to write you again soon with the next september and october wind's that come, bye.