Monday, May 10, 2010

One1 Day Two2 Days Three3 Days Four4

What a special year in Indonesia. We have enjoyed many firsts for sign language, and they seem to keep coming.

Let's start with our days though...

One1 Day = Memorial

The effort of the brother's and sisters payed off as we had a new peak for attendance. We enjoyed 46 at our memorial, although we only have 11 baptized publishers here in Batam.

I don't know how, but I kept pushing as well. I was really happy to see 15 invitees (including studies) come. Of course 4 of them walked in during the program late and in typical deaf fashion waving there hands saying hello and sorry we were late because it was raining. It's something else to keep eye contact with them as your also keeping eye contact with the audience as your giving the talk at the same time. You kind of just hope they don't try and walk up to the podium and shake your hand.

There were many deaf who attended throughout the archipelago. The report is over 400 hundred deaf around Indonesia. That includes places that I cannot even pronounce and even some spots in eastern Indonesia.

Two2 Days = Special Day and Assembly combined in a package combo.

The branch also gave 'first's' being the Circuit Assembly being able to be held in three locations in Indonesia. Jakarta/Bandung area for those 2 congs and groups that are close. Surabaya/Malang area for those 2 congs and groups that are close. Medan/Batam area for those 2 congs and groups that are close.

The program was cut from 2 days into 1. In our case in Medan we had the Circuit on Saturday and the Special Assembly day on Sunday. Welllll, it's all good. Funny, Medan got to interpret once back in November and then they held it in full sign. We in Batam were somehow scheduled to be attending our one day and our two day in two different cities on the same day Valentines Day (Feb 14). Anyways, it's all good. The branch is looking after us, and now for next year -if we have time- we can hopefully attend at buildings that are better seated for the needs of the deaf in mind. The brotherhood though was tight.

Three3 Days = "Keep on the Watch" District Conventions

I almost don't even remember anymore these three days. Probably because I attended the district 4 times. Once in Batam, once in Jakarta, once in Bali, and once in Korea. I do remember the anticipation for attending because of the theme and what the talks were all about. I would sum the convention up as we have no excuses. The slave has given us all that we need to be ready. Here in a islamic country the name badge gave a witness wherever we wore it. Qayamat sudah dekat. "Judgement day is near."

Part of the reason for traveling was tied into previous blogs. You can revert to the blog titled 'Goodbye June, See You July, Here Goes August.' A lot of good stories and pictures in that blog. One thing mentioned was the fact that we have gone toooo much ASL. One of the reasons for traveling was to do Market Research on what the deaf are really using throughout the country - outside of us as JW's- Ever since then my eyes have been really opened to this language which is a far cry from what we have been using. I'm sure the branch will resolve this when the time is right. Since then our Batam congregation has starting getting away from ASL, and using what we find in the ministry. It's a ton more enjoyable. It probably helps that almost no-one watches the ASL DVD's.

Four4 Days= International Convention in Korea.

Again,,, jeez. Where to start.

1. Holy Spirit: I prayed hard about attending and it all came through about 3 weeks to a month before the date. That includes branch approval, using up my airline miles for a free trip {the last week before they expired}, gathering every last penny I own, finding a contact to stay with, borrowing ethnic Melayu tribe Indonesian clothes from a gov't employee, getting a job at a school post assembly, being on the same flight from Japan with Bethelites, (and one knew me and just recently went to a party with my sister) -the bethelites were the last ones on the plane for some reason, and held it up} meeting a Korean Bible Study in the airport who somehow I knew the person studying with him, finding rides for the bethelites to the hotel, using Indonesian to communicate with the Koreans I was staying with as they didn't speak good English.

2. The Korean's work ethic: Unbelievable. The put time, money, and amazing planning to get that convention up and going. They had people at the airports, people staying with families spread out over every-which way. Interpreters for who knows how many languages. Guided tours, gifts for everyone, history packages of the city and the organization, Places to take pictures around the assembly site, special seating for the delegates so we sat out of the sun, and it goes on.

3. Going to Prison: That was tight. Going to Prison to meet a brother. And again, speaking Indonesian to him as he was in the Indo group before jail and doesn't speak English.

(Am I allowed to post this pic?)

4. The food and spas: Man oh Man, Koreans don't play with their BBQ, veggies, and alcohol. I at spicy Kimchi like a champ. Their pork is amazing. The plum wines are oh oh oh so nice. Korean pizza is a trip. Now the spas- My body felt as pure as it had ever been. The heat rooms and cold rooms and sulphur water pools are nice. {{{once you can get over getting nude with a bunch of your brothers it's the best place ever}}} I am proud to say I received a clap from the boys for holding my head the longest under the boiling hot water.

(Ok, So it was bad, but I guess not that bad)

5.The smiles: Koreans can smile and it was contagious. The foreign sections for the assembly were loaded with smiles and gifts being passed around. The deaf section was loaded with people. They loved meeting bros and sisters from other areas. This was first time for me wearing ethnic clothes and it payed off as I left with 3 boxes of souvenirs and a lot of smiles.

6th and final. The conclusion:
I can't put this into words. For 7 minutes we enjoyed a slice of paradise. The announcement was made that the new songs would be played over the speaker system post the prayer. BUT, after that please exit the building as soon as possible. WHY? That Sunday evening the Seoul FC (football club) had a match at around 7 p.m. So we had all 60,000 people had to get out within 45 minutes. In fact Gerrit Losch announced that he had to cut his final talk shor about the destruction of Babylon the Great as we had to get out. During that 45 minutes you should have seen the ants go to work. I mean it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in such a fast time. They broke down an assembly that had been planned years in advance in a less then 45 minutes. IT WAS AWESOME!
-Those 7 minutes were honestly something. There was no negative thoughts, no gossip, no cursing, no worrying about taxes, no pressures, just pure love in the air. Honestly, it was like you could taste the love on your lips like a delightful appetizer from all the tears, clapping, banners and all that went with it. Then you turned around and it was locked up and empty and everyone and everything was gone. The next thing you see is Football fans in their jersey's, trumpets, and you literally felt the holy spirit leave the building and the spirit of the world just zoom right in, and you said, JEHOVAH, BRING US HOME TO PARADISE.



(First 8 minutes)

(Second 8 minutes)

-Some other pics from these random days-

Batam Keep on the Watch District = Interpreting for the last time!

(Yipee buku baru)


In line with the new ways to preach, they did a demo using webcams. Probably should do a 3G Video Phone one as well.

(For the more modern deaf who actually have a computer)


They got a new publisher. Oh man, so many deaf in Bali and now three activities in three different spots.

(Which guy is it?)


Our congregation saved up, saved up and saved up some more money again. It was awesome to travel as a whole congregation as one.

(Back to the kampung/village)


(Always time for a sunset no matter how busy you are)

I may post one more video from the Indonesian Assembly's but I can't do too much better than that video from Korea. That was emotionally touching.

See you post 1st ever Indonesian District Convention for all of Indonesia on June 18-20th. History in the making.