Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seven S's Since Simplicity

I think it was 6 months ago I wrote I would let you know how the 'Keep On The Watch' district went here in Indo. Well, I hope you can wait a wee bit longer.

Since our ultimate simplicity trip of earthquake relief in Padang, here's some happenings: (S7). Service-Sleepovers-Sign Language-Socializing-Simon-Singapore-Sunsets-

(S1) Service
November was all over the place for service. Sorry- not too many pictures on that. I really should take more. The once "thrill of photography" in the ministry has become the basic reality. But one of the nice things about being engulfed in the ministry is that you bring that "zeal to witness" even to places you're not prepared for.

One day, on my way to a RV in the big mall in town, I saw a bunch of Chinese tourists. I asked the tour guide in Indonesian if they were from China. He said no; but I offered them the WT and Awake in Mandarin anyways as I heard them speaking Mandarin.

He asked me in English if I was a JW. I replied: 'yes I am.' He said: 'so are we.' I was shocked, but they were Singaporean on vacation for two days in Batam. So the next day I had them come by for a visit.

(They ran on the golf course with no shoes on; it was hilarious- as in Singapore you could get arrested)

On another night in November, we went to a Muslim school at about 6:30 - till 9:30 pm with a small break in between for sholat (prayer time) Our discussion was with 2 Islamic guru's as well as 2 Muslims who are also English teachers. They KNEW the Bible. In fact one of them was quite proficient in Biblical Hebrew and asked why I don't read the bible in the original language that it was written in. Bear in mind that he's a 24 year old Indonesian muslim. He was all prepared to prove why Christianity has gone it's way from the word and could prove it scripturally as well as according to the original writings in Hebrew and Greek and use such as John 1:1, Isaiah, Psalms and other scriptures. He was pleasantly surprised to see how Jw's are not hypocritical but follow the word. He took a bunch of literature and will be contacted again.

I also went back over to Tanjung Uban to help the deaf who previously studied with Maria our Special pioneer. On that day (Christmas Day) the friends were cleaning the KH. Below you can see how they cut the grass. For what would take about 30 minutes in the U.S. took him from 8 a.m. til 5 p.m. You can see why.

(Cutting the grass with big scissors)

(Small beauty, Big Impression)

Other times when you have been informal witnessing you may get invited to "random" events. Case in point-

(An Australian Indonesia wedding at a community center)

(Stop and smell the roses along the way)

(S2) Sleep overs

Lukasz, a deaf brother from Poland, made his way through Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Linguistically he is gifted. He knew parts or whole of 7 or 8 Sign Languages. He could read and write english, and of course polish, and started to learn Indonesian. Very nice brother who hopped from house to house after 3 days. His sign name was just like John Travolta's infamous p-fiction dance move.

(All the deaf at the meeting. He's the only one without dark hair.)

(S3) Sign Language

We're down to the last 11. Well, technically 13, but 2 publishers are away for an indefinite amount of time. We're having fun, but a bit tired. We had the c.o. last week who was a substitute. He encouraged us to start doing search and rescue outside of our island of Batam. (That's another 2000 islands to cover if anyone wants to help.) He's a young MTS grad full of fire and does it like the book says. A really nice thing here where the ban was lifted less then 10 years ago so brothers like that are needed.

(We play games to keep our sanity)


(S4) Socializing

Socializing comes in many forms. The Ng family, who have really been like a rock in Batam for over 10 years decided to part ways with Batam and go on to Bali where there's a need. Lardi and Febi were on the branch construction team in 1995 when they ended up marrying and being assigned as special pioneers until...oh girl...oh girl again...

Here are some of the funny and cute highlights from the 4 congregation bash. When this video is done, you will enjoy the simplicity and sweetness of the Indonesian friends.

(Batam Picnic Indonesian Style)

Since this was a 'hearing' aimed social event, we had a social event at my home too so the deaf could participate. Lardi and Febi did a real lot for the advancement of Sign Language in Batam. It's so nice having a bbq grill. You can bbq anything and the Indonesian's will eat it as long as there's rice with it.

One of my rv's has a farm and I bought some FRESH corn on the cob. Febi- (sister moving to Bali) said it was the best corn she ever had in her life. It was good. FYI- take the butter and melt it down first, then put in the salt, pepper, and sugar in the melted butter, mix it together and use a new paint brush to spread it on the corn. OH WOW- it's good!

( The deaf and our cong. 81 or BI. It's supposed to be BI or Bahasa Isyarat meaning sign language)

(S5) Simon

Simon and his family took me under their wings all the way back in 2004 when I first came to Indonesia. It was so great to see Simon advance as a spiritual man despite the easy way out that there is for the upper-class Jakarta kids. With the- higher the income, the higher the education, it seems, comes- the harder the temptation. Simon went to school in Australia to become a doctor, but was going to MD school while pioneering and serving with Sign Language.

As a MD trainee in Indonesia, they send you to the hospital where everyone gets sent that has no hope of recovery. THAT'S BEING THROWN IN THE FIRE! In the morning Simon would watch people die in the hospital, in the late afternoons he would help deaf people to life!

His wedding was a few weeks ago, and I had to make it down. It was posh as posh could be, and the food,- well the food was amazing!!! Simon, congrats to you and Melissa.

(Daniel and Dr. Death)

(Simon's mom all decked out. Mon, wah, cantik bangggget deh!!! Bisa jadi aktris sinetron kan?)

(S6) Singapore

I'm working. 35 days straight. It's gotta be done. What am I doing? Something like what's involved in the picture below.

(A whole different world in the offshore industry)

Fortunately I still have some time to meet up with the deaf. And you still can bump into old friends in random places; like bumping into Rick and Michelle at a Chinese hawker stand in Singapore, selling Australian lamb chops to American tourists -next to a Malaysian stand- selling Indonesian fried rice and Indian curry.

(SO MUCH POTENTIAL AND INTEREST, BUT, no men to take the lead ... aaarrrgggh)

(S7) Sunsets

It wouldn't be "Indotom's blogspot" without a little reflection on the creative beauty (s) that Jah has around us all the time. To quote my childhood example of what I wanted to be but knew I shouldn't {Ferris Bueller} "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

(Don't miss it, the real life is on the horizon)