Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smiles, School, and Suprises

It’s been a fast 2 ½ months but good times nonetheless. Our SL cong has made quite a few new contacts. Things have advanced.

(Pak kumis/mustache and Pak tambel ban/fix a flat)

For my work we have enjoyed having our seniors graduate. There were 3 graduation parties for our school. I think it would be a good cultural hodgepodge if you want to see what the Vocational graduates did. Keep in mind getting them to speak English is like pulling teeth.

(The traditional dancing and the modern dancing)

I think in the three years of this blog I have only mentioned my financial support work sparingly. In this case it was touching to see a lot of students move on in their steps in life. You feel something when the kids move on. You also learn that these kids are not so innocent. Well it was fun to have the best of the best in English conversation come over to have an award party for there skill. You never know where a certificate can take you. For many it was the first time ever seeing a sunset over the ocean.
I also did a good ole American bbq to say thanks for being you.

(If you haven’t’ it’s a sure win investment.)

(990 students, these are the top 20)

After our memorial things have kept moving. We enjoyed our first C.O. visit ever to our sign language congregation. Another big treat was David and Caroline from the U.S. coming to S E Asia. Both are deaf and served in translation services in Patterson NY. They’re input on deaf culture, workshops, and other things were so huge for Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia.

(Don’t forget some time to relax)

His Sunday talk brought in the largest attendance of deaf that we have ever had at the meeting. It goes such a long way. So much to say about there influence here in Indonesia, but you get the idea: a deaf couple from bethel that are white, deaf, and on the DVD’s.

(BIG Group, half - way smiles)

In other stories, there is a special pioneer sister on the next island over who has all of these deaf calls and studies. So I went over to help her for the day. The day started at 5 and ended at 11. If this was a blog from a few years ago the story would be like a mini-novel completely equipped with drinking fresh coconuts, boat rides through remote villages, deaf people living off the land without running water or bathrooms, lunch in the vegetable gardens, riding motorbikes on twisty roads with palm trees on the right and tranquil turquoise water on the left, sunsets on the open water, fresh markets with live animals, hairy fruit, dragon boat races, 4ft long snakes, 10:00pm bible studies, and a random woman sleeping on me. Can that really be only one sentence? Can it really be one day? Here’s a few shots:
(Welcome! But please watch your step)

(Turtle soup for lunch? Shhhhh)

(Mama, I’m deaf, but I smell something funny?!?)

(I guess Maria was happy to have me visit?)

MOVIE (Unique to Tanjung Pinang, it’s a race of guts and skill!)

(Listen lady, just because your tired…)

(Long day, want to get home. WAIT a minute)

Ya, that’s a wrap for now. The next blog will be shots for the ‘Tetaplah Bejaga Jaga’ conventions. Good times as well and they seem to keep coming… No matter the weather, wherever you are, always bring your sunshine. :Tom

(Speechless can be a good thing)