Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's Back to Bali, Batam, Britain and ...normal...


Happy to catch up with all of you. Still need to update the whirlwinds of times and change version 2 post, but anytime you have family and visitors it feels good and is worthy of an update.

The last time our family of four had a family trip is going on 12 years. Most likely when I was 14 or 15 we did conventions together and a few trips to the forest, NH and some places like that. Once you get the driver's license things change.

So why not a trip to the 'island of the god's...

(Off to Bali, it went well)

While Bali is amazing and is the inspiration of design, architecture, books and so on, I won't bore you with a family vacation trip.

There were 2 funny animal stories. (1) A good sized lizard falling off the ceiling in the middle of the night on my mom's chest.
(2) Is a monkey story. If you go to my post 'island of the god's' from 2007 you will see pictures from the monkey temple. Well you can give the monkeys banana's for a small fee.

My sister bought a bag of banana's and here come the monkey's. Well, one old {granpa} monkey blocked the path of my sister in the attempt to get the banana's. Jordan did not want to give Mr. Granpa a bunch of banana's. Next thing you know is 3 or 4 other monkey's are croaching in. Grandpa now bites Jordan in the leg. Other monkey's are still coming in!

One good thing though, is Papa Joe comes to the rescue and takes shoo's some monkey's away. One decides to hop on dad. This was the result!

(Daddy to the rescue; for about 7 minutes)

Dad and Bumps

Outside of the family trip I got to visit the Sign Language group in Bali. It was really special. There were 2 familiar faces since the first time, but all others were new. I had a contact of a deaf person and was able to meet him and his friend. He told his friends and next thing you know the largest deaf ever attended the meeting. [see the 'island of the god's' post]

(Waaah, so many deaf in Bali)

We also were able to go check out a village that has genetic deafness. Great trip for preaching. Why? You get to see all of the countryside in the process. In one village they have about 40 something deaf. They can track the genetic deafness to some 8 generations!

The other positive was working with the girls, and a new deaf publisher. He was really abused by his parents for the truth and is on his way to getting dipped this summer!

(Different perspective of the 5)

Great trip, good times. One more trip, but anytime I travel somehow sign language always gets thrown in the mix.

Back to Batam.

Were a new cong ,so we have a lot of time to get together and do things. So we sign so much, but they still like to sing.

(Batak's and Bules in Batam (video) )

All in the mix of Bali and Batam are the Brits! Richard I met back at the international in Geneva Switzerland back in 2003. We have played tag going to the U.K. and him to R.I. an N.J. This time it was his turn to come out here. He brought his brother Stuart with him. So they became part of the family for a few weeks and it was nice to have proper English speakers.

So they wanted to try an Indonesian delicacy, and the Batak's provided!

( A different main dish, that needs to be mixed with a brew and tuak)

While all of this is going on, we got a new student in the theocratic school. So so energetic, so so tiny. She is about 3 and a half feet tall but has the energy of a bull. She had her first talk and we expect much more.

(Murni = Pure)

Now, the other big story was the second ever full special assembly day. Their were 239 in attendance with 97 deaf. I mean it's all good stuff! That was representing 2 congregations and 4 groups. We ran out of seats, and it got hot, but we were joined by a new deaf sister getting dipped.

Some made the trip up to 15 hours on planes, trains, and automobiles. It was all good!

(I need to really write some stories about this, but no time)

Between 3G phones and cameras it was a show during break times. It was so tight as it was in a KH, with all of the signing going on.

(Part of the fun and the culture)

After the convention it's time to see some tourist attractions. Really, you never get tired of seeing the animals and creation.

(Leo the Lion in action)

Other things in Batam was the Circuit Overseer having a first ever Sunday night Youth Party. It was a good idea. He started off by giving some points on what to do to avoid being laid off because of the global crisis and if you are laid off what to do to get another job. He invited all the young people to play some games. Ya, group games at the KH with a bunch of fried noodles and cakes after.

(What a great idea!)

Other things that have happened was some good bye's. Some sisters went to go serve where the need is great, and some moved back to the villages due to being laid off.

Well, this one sister has been serving here in Batam for about 7 years and really advanced in the truth serving here. So she was a bit emotional. Unfortunately the other sister is to embassered to start crying with her, so she just does the exact opposite and breaks out laughing.

I'm still learning the culture, because if somebody is emotionally touched, you hug them and laugh in their face? Hmm.

(Cry and a laugh)

We had some Korean sisters come down to do a visa chop and it was really nice to have them. There was a wedding so they just came right along. No sweat in Indo.

The amazing thing about the couple is they cleaned the floor and washed the dishes after it was over at about 9:00. The next morning they were called a t 7:00 a.m. to arrange the chairs in the KH as they were moved around for the wedding. They of course did it, and were there for when the meeting started at 8:30 a.m. Wah..... I'm still learning the culture.

(Last minute guests and last minute work)

Then it's off to the memorial! We had 41 for our little cong of 18 pubs. But 1 pub has moved away, and another was interpreting the area assigned to us for 3 more deaf. So I guess really we were 45. We started late, but that enabled more deaf to come.

Amazingly Jakarta had 77 deaf for there's and Medan was in the 60's. All around Indonesia was close to 300 deaf.

( The BIG night)

I was really happy to have some studies of mine come.

(Me and the boyz)

So goodbye guests: Jordan's gone, Mom and dad left, Richard and Stuart are out of here. The Koreans have gone back preaching and the British Jamicans are serving in the Malaysian countryside. It' s just me, ...back to normal...

Oh wait, a Norwegian bro just showed up, and a deaf couple from U.S. in 2 weeks. You gotta do what you gotta do.

So, I am a bit tired and have a lot more that could be told, but as time goes on I have come to a realisation. When you are new to a country, language, area, or chapter in life all seems fresh-exciting-unbelievable. Now that new taste has become reality. The stories that were once extradinarory now just make you say, 'that's just the way it is.'

So thanks for the occasional email at because it makes me realize to keep up with this blog and make the everyday reality become fresh-exciting-unbelievable once again!

Props to you...
ONE THING, that never becomes boring or normal to me.

(fresh-exciting-unbelievable = a sunset)