Thursday, February 05, 2009

Whirlwinds of time and change (version A)

(Somewhere, down by the sea, somewhere)

December already,

Those 2 words were as far as I got typing on this blog some two months ago.

I starting again in January this is what I wrote:

Wow, the first afternoon to relax in nearly 5 months.
I guess if: going to get the internet turned back on,
Teaching some 9th graders English,
Assisting a Brazilian and Swede basic Indonesian conversation,
A bible study at 3,
Getting $ credit for my phone
And finding lunch is considered ‘relaxing.’

Either way, let’s think back since September 1st.

Guests… , Koreans, Australians in Malaysia, Singaporians from Indonesia, Singaporians from China, Norwegians, Puerto Ricans in US and still in P.R., Bethelites, Bataks, Javanese, and of course Mom and Dad.
The beauty of just digging deep in the home territory is really the story line since the last blog. We split from the hearing Indonesian cong back on August 1st. In that time it served it’s purpose, the ones who couldn’t do the full sign were given the trial period to go back to hearing. That left us with just 1 eld, and 3 m.s. It also took away several regular pioneers.
That’s why it was recommended. FLC’s are new here in Indo so this was an opportunity for them to test things out!

The rest of us who were able have adapted and got are hands dirty for preaching and the cong.

(Fishers of men, Fishers of deaf)

We have gotten quite close nit as a group and have time to get together to chat, eat a meal, play football (soccer), and whatever else comes along. The guest from Norway mentioned that. "You guys see very close and like family." I think that's one of the best complements a new cong can recieve.

(What sign is that?)

What is the stats?
Avg cong hours = 49

Small and sweat. Only 1 married couple who are 27 and 25 and the rest of us young single dewdrops.

(Smiling for a guest)

One thing that unites a new cong is a foreigner from out of town. Especially if he/she knows sign language. In this case our buddy Lucas from P.R./Springfield was perfect. Lucas has always beeen a expressive signer with a lot of feeling and heart so when you couple that with being a single man well,,,,,,,, hey even the siblings of the deaf were wanting to get some pictures!

(I maybe 6 years old, but I know how to pose with a forienger!)

Lucas was great as he gave many pointers to the friends. Everybody learned a lot and for me is was nice to have him to get tips on signing naturaly, matchiing the signs of the deaf, and just to speak in Spanglish again!

So that's what I got typed in January I got a bunch typed up for this blog, but still not finished.

Here we go, it's February 3rd. Let's do this...

Here's some details I forgot:
In Batam: Interpreted Special day assembly in Indonesian. Interpreted Two day circuit assembly in Indonesian.

(A LOT different then the real thing, but we make it happen)

FIRST ever Sign Language special day. Kingdom Hall construction in Bangka. 2 new Sign Language congregations in Indonesia. Us in Batam and in Malang, East Java. Complete overhall and renovation of my home. Mom and Dad here, CHinese deaf and Japanese deaf on the streets of Indonesia.

(Oh yes, and the last pioneer dinner with the hearing (Dad got to join!))

My parents are troopers! They are trying to see if they can be need greater retiree's. They have been great hosts, good friends, and a good positive encouragement to all they meet here.

(Happy 32nd anniversary, seafood while looking at Singapore)

This was a nice little story thrown in the mix. Dad, Mom, and I took a ferry to Bintan to go preaching. HUGE waves going over, it was like a roller coaster ride gone bad.

A man Loki from Maurtius who studied 10 years ago in Bali was now back in Indonesia. He requested a study again. I haven't mentioned that there is a English group started here now. {that's a story in itself, only 1 in all Indonesia in English, and now this is the first group}

So, my parents are in the English group, so take a boat for fishing!

(Preaching in Bintan)

Somewhere in the past few months we got to meet the president of Indonesia. All's that happened was wasting time in the heat, and kids fighting and throwing trash.

(We got to wave, that was about it)

Those were some whirlwinds of stories from the last 6 months of service in Indonesia. Unfortunatly there is alot more that we have not had time to write aboutt. That's why this was (version A).

I will do my best to mention about the KH project with needs with limited resources, the FIRST EVER FULL ON ITS OWN sign assembly, and other tidbits that were forgotten.

Best way to end a blog... As tommorow their is another one...

(Always a sunset on archlipeago the of Indonesia)