Wednesday, May 07, 2008

life keeps on tickin...

It’s an amazing thing when hopes-dreams-prayers (HDP) become realities. That is what the following stories are results of.

Being raised in a environment that encouraged theocratic goals over worldly ones brings inner peace fulfillment to the one shooting the arrows. There are many who have the HDP of going to an area where ‘no witness’ has stood before. Or the locals have ‘never seen’ a person of your ethnic background. There are still many of those places left on the earth, but they are prophetically dwindling.

We have 17,508 islands in Indonesia with 242 million people scattered like lost sheep with just some 21,000 of us HDP’ers to reach. If we get 1 publisher on each island, that still wouldn’t be enough.

The following video then is just that. It’s the true meaning of pioneering. Being asked by the ones taking the lead if you are ready, healthy, and spiritually capable of bringing the good news to an area we don’t know if they will befriend you or kill you. We don’t know if they will feed you, or mock you, cry with you, or try to fight you.

While all of us HDP’ers desire white sand beaches sprinkled with bended coconut trees, and mirror-like crystal clear blue water while taking knaps in hammocks, the reality is rarely that scene.
The truth is withered homes, poverty aplenty, hygienic nightmares, decrepit transportation systems, malnourishment and sadness.

Ironic as it seems, the smile of a child and the human spirit seems to rise above all of these things. The good news of something better is the only antidote.

What you will see in the following video is only a fraction. The camera can not give you the tastes, smells, and feelings that go along.

The video will seem positive (which it was), but while we where there we were spied on, chased, interrogated, threatened, and had a good shake up. We had to meet the mayor, chief of police and district judge.

On a personal note; the week before I had prayed to ask for preparation for the fast-approaching Great Trib. While we can’t imagine what it truly will be like, being woken up from sleep and interrogated at 10:30 at night by 2 police officers, a district judge, and a Islamic imam was a good start.

With the following background you will understand our choice of clothes and neutral approach to the work.

Please Enjoy and we hope you too can have your HDP moments come true…

(Opening up a new area on the island of the birds)

When you have HDP as a young man and see it fulfilled as a older younger man it makes your trust, and your smile that much wider.

Truly it started in 2000 after serving in D.R. and seeing life in another country. That put the wheels in motion for wanting to go for good to Macedonia. Then in 2001 learning ASL put the wheels in motion for a vehicle I never planned on sitting in, or even imagined having a turn in helping to co-pilot.

2004 was when the HDP started for seeing a full congregation in Sign Language here in Indonesia. We couldn’t count if we tried how many requests went up through the skies to see this come to fruition.

It now is what it is. Life keeps on tickin…

Depending on the time left in this system, we can see more and more HDP happening in the imminent future for Sign Language in Indonesia.

Going into detail is for another time. Emotionally it is almost overwhelming.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for the deaf and those supporting them in Indonesia and Indonesian Sign Language.

Here is what the results of our’s and your’s HDP have resulted in.

(Sign Language Congregations)

One of the shortest blogs to date, but for me this is one of the best. It’s like a young child after he learns to walk. He nows sees the whole world as his playground and there’s no looking back but only looking forward.

Life keeps on tickin...