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WoW wOw WOW Help!!!

Back in time, extreme poverty, brilliant creative beauties, history, deeply entrenched religion, dictatorships, communism, full frontal corruption, kindness, smiles, and tons of deaf people.
------- Welcome to South East Asia --------

So I feel exhausted, in a daze, yet overwhelmingly happy.
Work was closed for the holiday's, so I wanted to see the situation with Sign Language (SL) for the rest of SE Asia.
-The results astounded me, and maybe will for you as well...

Matthew 24:14, has it been fullfilled completely? You might enjoy or be bewildered by these statistics.

South-East Asia
Sign Language situation...

Here we go... (These are population estimates) Deaf based off UN statistic of total populaton has 1% to 2% deaf
(r) means restrictions for preaching (b) JW are banned or restricted - i (interpreting) (nr) Not regular interpreting

---SUMMARY. HALF A BILLION PEOPLE, and 1 sign language congregation. Yes, I'm sure your congregation has need. I'm sure theirs a big need in your territory. You probably need elders, m.s, and pioneers. Maybe you only work your territory once every 2 years. But, welcome to Asia my friends. Some of the kindness sweetest people you will ever meet, come on over and meet them.
The actual populations of deaf and hearing is much higher. It is impossible for the Government or organisations to count locals in villages, slums, or remote areas. South East Asia has with the exception of Singapore has a terribly poor health care system. Tropical/animal borne illnesses are very high especially among children which leads to deafness.

-NOTE: If you don't know Sign Language, the regular hearing people in these countries, more than likely have never heard the truth. Your knowledge of theocracy will go a long way. Two of the above listed county's have only 1 congregation in the whole country. Thats for EVERYONE! Two other countries have around 5 congregations respectfully.

*** IF you DO know ASL or a signed language. Prayerfully consider stepping over into "macedonia" (south east asia) for a month or so, even permanently. Your zeal and spirit will surely be blessed.
With the exception of Indonesia, ASL is widely understood in most of these countries. Their is local signs for sure, and you will need to eventually learn the local language. But ASL is still the backbone of these Sign Languages here.
PLEASE!!!, think about this.
If you have a friend, who is in SL or is interested, feel free to let them know about the above information. Please contact the appropriate branch, or Bethel in the particular country. If you want to contact me, you can at or

The details...


First, after a boat from Indo then flying from Singapore it was off to Bangkok to the SL group I heard about a year or two ago from the Rich's who are a deaf/hearing couple from the US. They are the only official group in Thailand, which has hundreds of thousands of deaf, deaf schools and organization.
They had over 10 deaf at the meeting, all of whom commented. There was a japanese need greater sister who knew Japanese Sign, but learned Thai Sign. Thai sign is 50% ASL, 50% Thai. Her signs were absolutly brilliant for not knowing ASL signs before. They had something nice in the meeting. They made a board with all of the Bible Books on them with the pages where to find the particular book. Then, when a scripture is read, they use a lazor pointer to show the deaf where to look for the books.

(rock on japanese sister in thailand using asl concepts!)

After the meeting though, they announced 'in a way' no more to look up the scriptures. Why? So many of the deaf by the time they found the scripture, the scripture was already read, and application made. Then, the deaf when finding the scripture, could not understand it anyways! Another perfect reason why you need ALL Sign Language meetings so they points are not lost. They told the deaf to just watch the interpretor.
It was announced that there would be an all Sign Language meeting (Book Study). The first of its kind in Thailand. They asked the deaf what would be the most effective date and time. Turns out most deaf work 6 days a week. So Sunday they will have book study, interpreted talk and WT, go out for lunch as a group, then have mass bible studies at the food court in the mall.
YUP, welcome to infancy of foreign language groups in Asia.

(Salam kepada Indonesia!)

There is an activity in a big southern city in Thailand. Close to where all the terrorist activities are. There are a few sisters preaching and getting things together for the deaf. In Chang Mai in the north their is a baptised deaf brother with a few who have been helping to interpret. The brother is actually presently in America for work.


Any time the United States has travel warnings, or is diplomatically angry at a particular country, it ususally means you have sweet, kind, and humble people.
So it was off to Burma.

I really had done no homework about the brothers, country, or general situation. What a wise choice. Basically, Burma is 25years behind the rest of the world. More in comparison to western countries. To go a few hundered miles or kilometers will take 14 to 16 hours. The roads, and infostructure is just not there. There is not 1 ATM machine in the whole country. Credit Cards are not accepted. If you have a guest at your house, you must inform the authorites. You have to register to buy gas, and you have to buy it every 3 days and there is a limit on how much you buy. Its a dictatorship without the title.

SO you have some poor JW's. You have a lot of mess from the top, and it trickles down into all aspects of life.
I was able to be put up by an British/Italian need greater family. Powerful example of zeal and enthusasim for Jehovah. They gave up their comforts and lifestyle in the UK, to serve in one of the most behind countries in the world.
The language is not easier either.
It's a different script. It is a tonal language, and they can use 3 or 4 words to say the same thing.
This family though is a beautiful example as the 4 of them decided to serve as a family there. If you go to Burma, you will undoubtably meet them. It was so good to have some nice Italian cooking, which the food was imported from Italy to Burma. It reminded me of my youth with my Italian witness fam.

(Italian Fam in the crowd, and a typical bookstudy sitting on the floor)

But the real joy was meeting so many of these young witnesses and bible studies. There was in fact a famous Burmase movie star who is now studying with the family and coming to meetings. That whole "hollywood" life has so many deep dark roads and pits. Its so interesting to hear how dark and unsatisfying the life of the rich and famous is.

So the deaf:
In a country of over 3,000 JW's, not one is preaching with the deaf. This is a country with 60 million people. There was one brother at the branch, who had some Sign Language books and had tried to learn a little until the deaf school found out he was a JW and closed the door.

WELL, would they do the same for us? Who's us?
--We (((British born yet fully Italian dad and son, serving in Burmese, a Trinidadian Canadian sister serving in Thai Sign Language, and Tom the English, Irish, Scottish, Italian, American-born kid serving in Indonesian Sign Language.)))
--The deaf school did not know what would hit them.

They absolutly surrounded us. This school has some 350 deaf kids from 5-18 years old. Not including deaf teachers and staff. It was great as they met a white American person that could sign. That's a big deal over here in Asia, as white people are known as the rich business men, tourists, or gov't workers. SO someone that communicates with them is huge.
Then enter the black trinidadian sister. WELL, she was surrounded as they have never met a black person before. She was young, had really cool curly hair, and could sign. She was hounded.
Then entered the Italians. They look different then me and her! Well, these kids were jumping and hanging all over them. AND being Italian, knowing a proper sign language was not important to them. They used natural Italian Sign. Well we were quite a spectacle.

(say cheese!)

Well, I brought ASL clips, pictures of deaf JW's and other things. So what would any school do in this situation? They called an assembly and invited the school to come in and watch. So a 19inch TV served its purpose with my DVD player showing spiritual things. The kids loved David and Goliath, as this was a christian school.

I don't know how, but I have lost the video footage of the kids singing song 15 "Life Without End at Last." But it was so touching. One deaf teacher knew ASL and interpreted my ASL into MSL. It was similiar.
They requested I come back the next day, so I did. They asked for Bibles in English, Burmese, and ASL. It's in Jehovah's hands. But as of now, there is no organized group or preaching for the deaf in Burma.


(sunset at 4,000 islands by Cambodia)

Look in the yearbook. It's not there. So you know the answer to this before I even start. Nothing when it comes to Sign Language. Over 5,000,000 people. Nothing in Sign. I would love to right all the stories from Lao, but as you can imagine like previous posts from Singapore: I can't.
I can say a few things. Over ten less than a hundred. Mediate on the bookstudy arrangement...
Many youths are responding to the 'waters of truth.' That was especially nice for me, as a young guy to encourage these other young guys to continue in their knowledge. They asked me to give a video presentation for the talk on Sunday. How perfect just to show video clips of International Assembly's and Congregations worldwide. In a country underban especially if it's poor, they really have no clue the extent of the brotherhood. Just you being their is an encouragement.
Later some of the young guys invited me to play some croquet and soccer. (football)
Thats one of the only times to really get down and get together in a group. A soccer match.

(Shirts and skins - colored shirts and whites) - I didn't have a white shirt, so I comporomised.


A nearly 12 hour bus ride through the mountains, rice paddies, and villages of Lao was beautiful in itself. To be rejected at the Vietnam border was another thing. All the way to the border only to find out you cannot get a visa on arrival that way. And the full suited military communist border patrol people were not up for discussion on the matter.
Well getting back to the capital another 12 hours was an adventure in itself. Some illegal Vietnamese bus with just 2 passengers fit the bill. Thank you for the Good News for All Nations booklet.

By not going into Vietnam a nice story unfolded; I went to the Cambodian embassy to get a visa to enter Cambodia for the following day. Not wanting to deal with being rejected at the border again, I went to a travel agency next to the embassy. I was informed that the girl would be 20 to 30 minutes late to open up the shop. Usually I would just leave, but something told me to stay and wait it out. (Seriously)
After she arrived and I explained why I was in Laos, and what I’m doing, she said: “your like a good person or do-gooder or something.”
I replied, all I do is {reaching into my bag, and grabbing my Bible} is follow this book.
She replied: “oh you’re a Jehovah Witness.” I WAS FLOORED!
As mentioned before, were talking of a publisher to population ratio of over 75,000 in a country banned. To meet a person who knows us is slim to none. Turns out, she used to study, and was making great progress. Her best friend was studying as well, and now is in Ohio, USA and getting ready for baptism. She stopped studying due to intense family pressure and personal tragedy some 6 months ago, and said ever since then she feels and incredible spiritual void, and her life is not nearly as happy.
She felt as I did too, that this was an answer to her prayers. Scripture after scripture poured into her heart and affected so many of her emotions that she was chocked with words. Well, a RV was set up to visit her again that evening. Going back, I brought a local ‘friend’ that she had met before and 2 Australia need greaters in Thailand on vacation. What an effect. It was very beautiful as we can really express how big the brotherhood is, and all of us have different trials to experience to come into Jehovah’s organization.
This girl speaks fluent Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Her father is a diplomat of Lao. She welcomes to quench that spiritual thirst that had not been answered through Buddhism. If she does make the progress necessary, she could be a huge asset to Jehovah with the work in Lao, both legally and for translation purposes.
-On a side note… She knew where the deaf organization and school was. (funny right)

(How can a religion with it's leaders are beggers not give the truth about God? I don't know, maybe...)

So I didn’t make it to Vietnam, but would you like to know the situation with the deaf? Once again I can’t tell you everything as it’s the same situation as Laos and Singapore. I was supposed to meet up with the ‘activity’ in a big city in the north of Vietnam. There is a sister who knows fluent Vietnamese, English, and ASL. Well I ended up meeting up later in Cambodia. She reported: there are 8-10 deaf Vietnamese coming to the meeting, with 1 local sister who has learned a little sign but is only interpreting on the very small information that she knows. The deaf keep coming anyways. On occasions, the sister isn’t there and there’s no one to interpret at all, but the deaf keep coming. There starving, and begging for a regular brother or sister that knows sign to teach anything to the local friends. BUT more importantly, stay for a period of time to really develop this.
In the south in a big city, there was a incredible response too. A deaf Vietnamese women in Canada whom is studying with JW’s has a husband in Vietnam who is deaf. He in turn met up with us and brought a whole bunch of deaf friends. A 1st study was conducted with numerous of these deaf ones. Interestingly, although Vietnamese Sign Language is distinct, many of the more educated deaf knew ASL. Some were even able to understand up to half of the DVD’s. In a local ‘meeting place’ a few hour introductory class about Sign Language and deaf culture, was conducted. Many locals want to reach out and learn Vietnamese Sign Language came and asked questions and were very interested.


200 publishers, 100 are foreign.
What does that mean?
Cambodia changed my whole perspective on so many things in life. Just 4 days can sometimes do that.
If you have not studied recent history about Cambodia, I suggest you do. Pol Pot and the Khmer Regime, make Hitler look a reasonably nice guy.

(yes those are heads)

You may have heard about the Killing Fields, land mines, poverty, and a horrible war. Yes it’s all true. When you see it first hand, it has a chilling effect on your mind and psyche. I went to Auscwitz in 2003 for the very same purpose. It puts everything in perspective of where we are in the stream of time. The demons are very active. Let’s put it at that.

From that horrible time from 1975-1979 millions were killed. From what I learned, 1 JW was killed in the cleansing and 1 fled to France. They were the only 2 in the country at that time. And I don’t really want to say cleansing, it was more of this governmental regime wanted to take the country back to the middle ages. (Ecclesiasties 8:9) No hospitals, schools, technology, business. Just government, workers, and peasants in the field. They actually prided themselves with how much they destroyed.

Buddhism is everywhere in South East Asia, just like Islam here in Indonesia. Buddhism does promote peace and inner answers with thy self. And when you research it, and meet many Buddhists, you can see it is only going to become more popular with western countries especially with the young. Their is a certain calmness about it.
It is though, more confusing than worth explaining. The answers are not there. You can really feel it in the air in Cambodia. It’s strange. That junk with Pol Pot happened 25 years ago, yet it still penetrates in the innerself of people. And Buddhism does not provide an answer. If the cycle of life is just one life reborn into another, and your present life is just because of what you did in your life before, than all of those people who were tortured and executed must have deserved it right? Truly, False Religions End is Near.

The truth is moving though... Anyways, what about the work. People are studying left and right, although in the country you have congregations only in the Phonm Penh and Siem Reip area. That means for over 80% of the country, nothing has been put together yet.
With Sign Language, two Australian sisters have learned some sign through a NGO. (Non Goverment Organization) They sponsor classes. It's a hodgepodge of a SL. They teach ASL sign and a Camboidan Sign which uses finger spelling of the Cambodian characters. Then you have a huge population of Vietnamese deaf who live in the country. They use their own SL. In fact the only deaf person who is a regular study in the country is a deaf Vietnamese girl. She has been going to meetings for over 2 years off and on. So it was a LITTLE overdue to interpret the full meeting into SL. Fortunatly the talk in the Vietnamese congregation that week had a English talk. So the pigeon Vietnamese/Cambodian Sign that I learned mixed with ASL and some Indonesian Sign all was thrown together for interpreting the talk.

(The 2 sisters who have learned some sign... And the deaf girl coming to meetings for 2 years with no interpreting)

As mentioned, half the publishers in the country are foreign. That of course is good to see many reaching out to help. At the same time, it can cause a drain to the locals, and the other foreigners if they do not speak the language. Think of a service group. What do you do if 50 to 75% of the group doesn’t speak the language? The others are brand new in the truth. I never thought I’d see day when being a ‘need greater’ could actually be a bit negative. “Count the cost.” (Luke 14:28)


(The Filipino’s reputation is true. (cute, friendly, and smiles galore)

It’s South East Asia, but it doesn’t seem that way. The American influence is everywhere. Being the only official “Christian” country in SE Asia, it yielded itself to a grand influx of Jehovah’s people.

In fact, there are more witnesses in Philippines then all the other countries of SE Asia put together.

I went to Philippines to see what the arrangement was for SL and the deaf. And, one of the last conventions in the world for the "Deliverance at Hand" district convention. There are too many stories from that Convention and the work in Filipino Sign Language.

Just a few highlights:
-1882 peak attendance
-433 deaf people
-22 deaf baptized
-National Convention, up to 3 days on busses for some to come
-1 deaf brother got a free flight in a military plane as he explained to the gov’t his circumstances.
-SL pioneer schools
-31 groups
-Sign Language classes everywhere in the country…
-They use ASL dvd's and Video
-CO's gave talks in Filipino Sign

The movie/slideshow explains many of the stories.

(Check back later, monday or tuesday for Video clips stories, and photos from convention)

Prior to the convention I was in a city called Angeles. Although absolutely exhausted and heading to the convention the next day, I was encouraged to go to the meeting. I was so tired that when the brother announced please stand if you’re able for the song, I almost didn’t. I was bitten by mosquitoes all night in Cambodia and was thinking I had the beginning of Malaria. My muscles were numb, I was dizzy, had a splitting headache. ON to the meeting right…

(good idea, more places should do this)

After the meeting I was asking if any of the sisters were nurses. While asking one sister, I found out she has a bible study from a man from Rhode Island USA. Your kidding right. Going to the meeting is always the wisest decision. I knew it had to be a good reason for me to go! As it turns out, we graduated from the same High School. We knew mutual people, and he use to work at a restaurant that many of the friends in my old congregation use to stop for coffee.
The wife goes to the meeting regularly, and the husband off and on. I of course went right to the house to meet him. It was like a 45-minute shepherding call. Just listening, hearing his story, problems, and history. Amazing what people will tell you if you show a listening ear. (James 1:19) Just sharing scriptures such as Psalms 55:22 and Matthew 11:28,29 I could see brought him comfort. I pray the family continues to progress.


It’s a small world in the truth. This blog address was forwarded to someone, who forwarded to someone else and so on. Well it ended up with a brother who lives in Colorado USA. Their daughter and grandchildren live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The father wrote his daughter saying “your close to Indonesia, you should meet the brother in Indonesia, or have him visit!” Well, I had a day stop over in KL. So who do you think met me at the airport? This very same random family who received my blog address. I’ve kind of gotten use to arriving at airports, train and bus stations, subways, with a Watchtower in hand and a hearty smile.
They had the most beautiful two little girls. The sister is Caucasian American, and the husband is Indian Malay. A really nice mix. Well, this sister has a Filipino bible study making great progress but with no literature in her native tongue. The order through the congregation has already been over 8 months. I was already on my way to Philippines and to Bethel. I was able to get all the brochures, a Bible and other literature for the sister. But, bring it where?

(just a litttttle different from Stanley Theater)

After Philippines, I flew back via Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Once again the truth is small. In the Bangkok English Congregation 2 week’s prior, I met one of the two caretakers at the Johor Bahru Assembly Hall in Malaysia. With the exception of Philippines this is the ONLY Assembly Hall in South East Asia. For 450 million people, there is one assembly hall with a max capacity of around 500. DO YOU THINK WE NEED HELP HERE?
Serving at Stanley Theater was truly a privilege before moving to Indonesia. It was a nice feeling to be back in an Assembly Hall and be with a couple showing such a self-sacrificing spirit.

The 'stream of time' were in...

The King of the South and 7th World Power has, and is very active here in South East Asia. As many of you are aware, the British had colonized or had involvement in many of the countries here. (Malaysia, Burma, Singapore) The French had colonized Vietnam and Lao. Philipines was {rescued} by the Untied States in World War 2. The United States gives millions of dollars to Indonesia for Education and is involved with military 'help.' (Daniels Prophecy chp 16 p.276)
What is the significance of this? All of these countries rely on the US dollar currency. I was in the middle of the mountains with these Lao and Vietnamese people who were buying and shipping the drink 'Red Bull' and other supplies. (Courier service) The middle-aged women pulls out of her pocket a fat stack of 100dollar US bills.
In Myanmar where the US has diplomatic sanctions against the country, you can pay for a taxi or clothes with US dollars. In the ATM machines in Cambodia you receive US dollars. You can pay with things as well in Philippines with US dollars. All large business transactions in Indonesia happen in US dollars. Every morning on Singapore News T.V. you will have live updates of the U.S. stock market and reports from how the Dow Jones and NASDAQ did.

(1 day in Cambodia in 1975 you woke up, and your dollars are worthless)

That is a man with all stacks and stacks of Cambodian money that is now completely worthless. But that happened 30 years ago! That can’t happen again! When the Khmer Regime took over in Cambodia, they immediately crushed the currency of the old government. That meant that anyone with money, now does not have money. Instant nationwide poverty. INSTANT Chaos. This as well happened in Argentina in the 1990’s. One day you went to the bank or the ATM machine and all of your money was gone. 0.00 Balance. Ezekial (7:20)

(The Pagado in Burma)

This is the actual building materials. That building is gold on the outside. Underneath is a layer of silver, than copper/bronze (precious metal) underneath that. There are over 79,000 diamonds on the top of that spiral. This is one of, if not the largest Buddhist place of worship in the world. It was quite incredible to tour it. The precious stones and gems were everywhere.

(Angkor Wat at sunrise)

$20.00 for a day pass. Here in Cambodia you still have land mines galore, and utter poverty through the countryside. Yet, the Gov’t collects $20.00 per person per day to see it’s historic ruins of over 1000 years. It is remarkable to see how people were able to build these buildings with limited tools and knowledge. Then to see how they have been able to survive for nearly 1000 years is impressive as well.
Yet again, it falls into Bible Prophecy. These buildings are/were used for religious purposes. When these buildings are destroyed, it will be involved in crippling the whole economy. 20 dollars per person with at least 5,000 to 10,000 people per day. That's a conservative estimate of 70,000,000 dollars per year. Gone… Wooosh. There are thousands of thousands of people who are dependant on those tourists. From Airline companies, to taxi cabs, food vendors, painters, hotels, restaurants, tour guides, souviner shops. In fact, if you consider the Travel Books from outside countries, sponsors, package tours, website information, the farmers who grow the food and everything else, your possibly talking about millions of people somehow affected in a way from income or business due to these buildings.

-On a side note.-
It was very interesting to me, to see thousands of thousands of people go to see the sunrise, and sunset at Angkor Wat and the surrounding monuments. You know half of these people traveled from all corners of the globe, payed for a hotel, meals, transportation, tour guide, all to do what? All to take a picture of a sunset and sunrise. You know what was funny though? In the end, they would take a picture of their loved one(s) that they were with. In the end all’s that matter was that special someone and a simple sunset. They have no clue about Jehovah or what life is supposed to be. (1 Timothy 6:19 )

Emperor Worship

(Thailand loves it King. Thailand loves it’s temples, will see what happens)

Horns like a lamb (innocent.sweet, nice) but a beast. During World War 2 the Japanese were successfully taking over all areas of South East Asia. Now with a railroad line intact between Thailand and Burma, supplies could successfully be brought all over Southern Asia. There was bridge built by POW'S (prisioners of war) British, Australian, American and other allied countries during the War over a river. These men were treated as absolute slaves and dogs by the Japanese. They were tortured and worked to death. Well the Americans found out about this bridge. They knew it had to be destroyed. The Japanese tried something they thought to be smart. They layed down all of the POW'S on the bridge. As the planes approached to bomb the bridge they saw all of the POW's waving and screaming to let them know it was their own people. (comrades). This didn't matter to the Americans. The bridge was important and needed to be destroyed. What happened? "Friendly Fire." A bunch of men killed by their own mates.

the hidden stories (this is the rebuilt bridge after the war)

One more point about Cambodia, America blanketed the country with bombs to avoid the spread of communism. When the Pol Pot regime took over, 1 of the interrogating questions was "are you a spy or supporting the Americans?!?!" Most of these people didn't know a lick of English. After 1979 when the Vietnamese outsted the regime in Cambodia, Pol Pot and his regime fled to the jungles of Cambodia next to the Thai border.
Pol Pot lived until 1998 some 20 years later. Why? He was funded by America and the British at a security compound in the jungle. The very same America he questioned the poor and innocent about if they were connected with. In fact many mass-murders who were involved in the regime are still alive today.

Personal Expression

You have to have goals. Goals are like markers in the road. The road is life. You have to pick which life or road your going on. Clearly the best education, comes from the best educator. That being Jehovah God. I personally feel the next best education is of course is life itself. So, travel presents itself as a tremendous way to get a lot of education in a short-period-of-time. It opens your horizons to ways of life, thinking, and decision making, that you could never have presented itself if not for traveling.

(riding an elephant teaches you about TRUE strength)

I had a goal as a single person to visit 50 country's. It was nice to conclude the 50th country by being a guest at Bethel in Phillippines and having some good fried chicken with the Bethel family. Here's just a sum up in 2 paragraphs.

It's all about the Brotherhood. Their is nothing more beautiful to see in this world than the spiritual paradise that we have. Stonehenge, The Coliseum, beautiful beaches, museums, monuments, or mountains pale in comparison to getting to meet, hug, and give a arabic kiss to a brother from Iraq. It pales in comparison to being in a country under-ban sleeping at a random brothers house you have never met before, playing croquet with a bunch of bible students in the front lawn. It pales in comparison to singing song 171 "A Victory Song" with a bunch of Polish Witnesses 20 miles from Aushwitz where some of their very family members were killed.
The spiritual paradise is alive and well.

Travel. I can't reccomend going to 50 countries by 25 years old. I cannot recomend the life of a backpacker. I can't recomend not knowing where your eating, sleeping, or going. Because of travel, it has hindered my ability to work with Jehovah's spirit from start to finish to see a person dedicate himself to Jehovah then be baptised.
What it has done though, is prove to me undeniably that we as Jehovah's Witnesses are the true channel and organization God is using to outwork his purposes on earth. That, in the new system we really have no idea all the beauty there is to see in this world with Jehovah's full blessings on this earth.

(The more you travel, see, and learn, is the more you realize how much you have yet to travel, see, and learn..)
Enjoy a 5 minute slideshow of some of my favorite pictures from those 50 country's.

If you read this far, have a good day, take care, all the best, and get ready for the show... (Luke 21:28)