Friday, June 08, 2007

2 months and still 'tickin'

What’s new with you?
Since the sudden change in circumstances back on February 28th, the lemon to lemonade scenario of life has become a beautiful drink on a hot summer day here in Indonesia.

When I suddenly lost my job, visa, drivers license, income, and had to leave the country, a definite lemon of life was put before me. Then that very same night, it was announced about the urgent need of help building a KH. So the last 3 months has been basically KH, KH, Kingdom Hall. A REFRESHING drink of lemonade.

There is only a few days left of the project, I won’t tell you until it’s all done, then you can see the pictures for yourself. Check back before July 1st.
In the meanwhile-


Matt, Yasui, Leanne, Byron, Gary, Nita, Claire and Kelly. These 6 brothers and sisters came to help on the project and Byron helped in the Sign Language.

I can’t underestimate the spiritual lift they provided for the local brothers and sisters as they actually got to meet their brothers and sisters from other lands.

(Matt the aussie with the construction crew at my home to watch new organization video.)

Yasui is from Japan who is serving as a missionary here in Indonesia since being around 30 years old. It was nice as he for the first time in 3 years was going back home. (That’s the arrangement for missionaries) So he stopped over in Batam on his way to Singapore. Well, we both learned Bahasa Indonesia together back in 2004, and his Indonesian is very fine. We have nearly 100 single people in my congregation so he was interviewed ‘last minute’ for the goal of encouraging the young people in the hall to have spiritual goals. He himself was raised in a divided household and yet still made his own relationship with Jehovah.


Byron is an old friend of mine from Sign Language back in NYC. He was doing his first Asia trip, and did a week or so here in Indonesia.
Funnier than that is when we visited the branch in Jakarta, Seth (American, but serving in Indo with his Indonesian wife) use to work on the same floor as byron about 8 years ago in 360 Furman. (now sold)

(THERE TALL, I’m short.)

What was great about having Byron is it was only his 2nd country he’s traveled to in his life. (If I remember correct.)
So everything was new, exciting, cool, wow, how come, why do they, what’s that, that’s crazy, funny…
I think everybody needs a tourist or a foreigner visiting once in a while. You get a perspective and a view your not used too.

To get around Java, Twompal and Aping (husband and wife who have been in Sign Language since the beginning in Indo) showed us a GREAT TIME.
We went to the bird park which shows 1000’s of birds from all over Indonesia. (amazing beauty.)


We then went to the Safari, which involved us hitting this huge beast in front of us. Byron and I were laughing our heads off as he backed into this ox which was bigger then the car, and Twompal and Aping were scared out of their minds.

(The ox tried to eat the headlight, and scratched the car up a bit)

This speaks for itself. The Safari had lions, tigers, rhinos, bears, cheetahs, but I would not want to mess with a hungry hippo.

(Does your wife brush your teeth for you?)

In my life I don’t know if I have ever seen anything so thought provoking. This is a perfect example of what Adam could have done, then lost, which we will get back.
If I didn’t have the photos you probably wouldn’t believe me.

This is an elephant painting a picture on a tee-shirt. The man is guiding the trunk but not moving it. It’s the elephant, and elephant only. After every color the girl gives him some food.

(What will we be able to do with animals in Paradise?)

Here’s the finished product.

(US $7.50 a tee-shirt)

This orangutan was on the motorbike just sitting there. Then suddenly he stuck out his hand. I was thinking, ‘why is this orangutan sticking his hand out to me.? I reached over and he shook my hand! Hilarious we shook about 3 times on different occasions. Then they all packed on with Ranger Rick here, and headed off to a banana tree on their bike!

(Typical Indonesia, they even drive illegally with the animals! Where is your helmets?!)

So if were going to Jakarta, we must go to the SL meetings. I won’t explain much about this picture, but you will see the finished product in your area sometime this summer or early fall. The brothers worked soooo hard on this.

(Thanks boys and girls, sorry you didn’t get home to 1am.)

Jakarta Indonesias Sign Language meeting on Sunday involves bookstudy, wt, theocratic school and public talk. The public talk was unique as you’ll ever see.
Twompal interview Byron.
Indonesian Sign Language of course.
Byron though only knows ASL (American)
So they asked me to interpret sign languages.
Twompal would ask the questions in Indonesian Sign. (byron would watch as well,) then I would translate that Sign Language into ASL.
Byron would then answer in front of the group in ASL, and I would stop him every 15 to 20 seconds then translate that too Indonesian Sign.
Needless to say the deaf were REALLY encouraged. Many of the hearing too as it basically told them the things there going through, most of us have been there and experienced that too!

(They met about becoming a cong {would be Indo’s first} we’ll see what happens. Pray for them)

Back in Batam, been nice that I have a home and can entertain the local friends. One night I woke up and there was like 10 people sleeping all over the floors. Typical. I went to bed, and I guess it was a sleepover. It’s amazing how the Indonesians can sleep.
So they have fun, and I get needed association with the locals. Here’s Yoshua getting some fresh young coconut we would later drink

(You look like a monkey my friend)

They always like to swim in the pool, and ate a lot of rice.

(Aldi and Vita having a race)

Back to those guests…
Kelly and Claire are sisters from the U.K. They have both traveled numerous places around the world. Would they be ready for Indonesia?

The local brothers and sisters were all over them, so concerned. How can they have a motorbike? It’s after dark? Many, many, concerns.
So this night they were following me to the KH on a Sat night. It was torrential downpour. But what can you do?
The roads were flooded, cars stuck, motorcycles stalled because the water was to deep, and the girls kept following me. Then they had to cross a mini river as the road was washed out. They did it! All by the way in their skirts.

(Ya, better to come wet, then not come)

Gary and his wife Nita have lived with me for about a month. Nothing like having a 58 year old dad/brother/leader of a band.

(No comment)

Deaf are everywhere. This deaf person is 21 and works at a peanut factory. Out in the farms. To get to his house it’s rough. Muddy roads, but a goreous rice/vegetables fiels is the backdrop.

(Didn’t know one sign, we’ll see how it goes)

-Featured at Top-

(Wild Pineapples on the way to a deaf R.V.)

Nothing like a good sunrise, and sunset.
It’s funny. I have had a dream for many years that in the new system I would own a home with the sunrise and sunset from the same house.
No idea it would be in Batam Indonesia teaching God’s word to deaf muslims that dreams would come true.

(Here’s a doctors visit and advise for good health:
start the day watching the sunrise)

(Here’s a doctors visit and advice for good health:
finish the day watching a sunset)