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Fifty Flew Fast & Furiously

This is it- Blog post number 50. 
Version 1. Why? Because there is more to the story... So it will be updated.
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

End of another year, start of a new one

This is my 49th post on Blogger. Last August marked 10 years of blogging.  This has been a wonderful platform to share the joys and thrills of serving Jehovah in Indonesia.

With those thoughts in mind, the 50th post may be my last public, open post. I may switch to private, or retire from blogging all together. I'm not sure yet. For sure, if I do step away thee next post will be some highlights of completing both 10 years in both Indonesia and in blogging. Thanks so much for your positive support.

Until then-  let's wrap up the summer of 16 and jump into 2017!

The congregation had some games, events, pioneer meetings, guests.
Yeremia was back in town so we had a get together.

(Laughs loves smiles and games)

(Who did it? You did it?)

We had 3 Canadian sisters serve with us for 3 months. It was a jump-start for our small congregation. We interpreted the meeting into English.

(Yearly annual pioneer meeting

(A congregation that hikes together, stays together)

(View down below)

It's been nice to have some old-friends come and visit. It's heartwarming really. You hear about back home, and rekindle old relationships.

(Everyone wants to be in the pic- so Congfie???)

Near my home, we have a underground spring swimming for 5000 rp. (40cents) I taught the deaf to throw a Frisbee around, and that lead to some hit's in the head and some good laughs.

(Movie and a swim. Swimfie?)

We had a CO's visit recently too. Sign Language has grown so much that we had a sub-co because the other 2 CO's are busy in translation and the other part of the circuit.

(Always time for a goofie face)

We also had some Kingdom Hall work making a sign in the front. It was nice for brothers from the 3 congregations to work together. 

(Glorious giving a witness 24/7)

We also have had some hospital visits for friends coming for surgery.

(Happy Hospital Pic)

We also have done group preaching to deaf that live far away. On this trip, we went to the mountains where they had a 3 flavored water. Meaning, from the mountains they had 3 different underground springs which had different taste. One of them tasted like Perrier. 

(Group preaching in the mountains)

In Jepara 'the furniture capital of the world'; I went to the deaf school for a reunion from deaf schools around the area. Next thing you know your giving a presentation in from of nearly 100 deaf.

(Jepara Reunion)

We also received approval to go to the largest deaf school in the country. It's in a tricky location nearly equally far distance from 2 congregations and a SL group. So we all made sacrifices to get there. The presentation used basic principles and morals to communicate.

(Wacky Wonosobo School)

Wherever you go in the ministry, you always see cute kids. For theme trying to see a 'white buffalo' sign is cute as well. 

(Little kids in a little deaf house)

In the ministry I met the street kid preachers. Former street and kids involved in gangs who now get educated and help out other kids who are on the same path. 

(Played the Caleb and Sophia video to SAY NO!)

Social media in Indonesia is out of control. Turn your head and your online. I don't even remember when this was, but someone sent it to me. 

(Having the videos in SL has been such a blessing)


In the meanwhile, others have stepped over into Macedonia to help out the great need here. How about you? Matt and Gloria found out that the need in Mexico is peanuts compared to the size of the elephants needs here in Indonesia. It's nice to know that Korean food and other int'l food is available here. 

(Order 1 or 2 dishes, and get all the sides!)

We found a friday night hangout. One watering hole in Semarang offers a nice promotion. Free beer for a hour or runs out. 

(The Need-Greater Retreat)

(I think the girls needed gluten-free beer)

Although we struck out with gluten free beer, we could still make some gluten free food for Thanksgiving dinner. OH WAIT, we don't celebrate that. Then, hey, the SUPERBOWL. Wait, is that a holiday?  Oh me oh my we had some good food. I found a place that sells turkey's in the territory. Organic turkey meat, pies, stuffing, the works. THANKS for the help girls!

(I wish I did this years ago)

(Game for the ages. Mr. Thomas Brady)

Having guests allows you to see things through their eyes. So, having my good buddy Tim come was refreshing. Big trip for him to come by himself and ride a motorbike for the 2nd time.

(1st time on the bike was with me :))

(Showing the sites- Mayor's office)

Tim's brother Annan came for a trip around Java. My dad was here and some folks in Hong Kong. I stayed with Clemens way back in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic. It's a small world afterall.

(Amazingly the car ran like a champ. 5 people with bags through the windy roads of Java)

This is hot and cold water mixed together. Arguably my favorite place now in Java. This is Guci!

(I think we liked posing)

(The view from our Villa. It's really endless in Java)

(A small freshwater waterfall right to the beach. It's endless in Java)

(Fort Van Der something became a perfect camera opportunity)

(Waterplace Mosque in Jogja)

This was a real special moment. As your aware the baptism talks now interview many different people. So here I had the opportunity to interview a retiree who now pioneers. No one in our circuit matched this. So DAD. So sweet to interview my pops.

(He signed his age... Impressive!)

(Backstage Boys)


(3's a company)

At another circuit assembly, Tim had his study come. That's a great feeling, when a former study brings another study.

(I like the lights in that room)

In yet another assembly in the area, my current study Filipo and his family are doing well)

(Hey, How u doin?)

This couple met my parents in 2001 in France at the International Convention. They have seen me and my sister over the years through keeping up with my mom. So for them to come and give us a hug because my mom told them too was very nice. We had no idea they would be in Jakarta for the convention. 

(You have to absolutely love the brotherhood)

(Post convention Pizza with Pals)

(Reunion of the Sign Language Pioneer School 1st Class)

(I always, always, get a kick out of these dear deaf sisters)


(JK & TK in JK)

(The total deaf climbed to over 201)

(To me, this was the highlight of the convention)

(I havent seen Rhea in a solid 10+ years)

This was a while ago.  Visiting my sister and her friends I had the privlege of giving a public talk in English in Bali. I asked the kids to take a note of how many scriptures were in the talk. They paid wrapped attention and took notes of how many. 

(The winner was supposed to get the rubik cube from the opening illustration) 

The kids of these parents are just as fun. Nothing like running a 8 or 9k race in the sun through obstacles like your in military training.

(Tough Mudderz)

Over the years having guests come and visit from your 'previous life' back home in America always brings good conversation and good smiles. Maurice was like Paul for me. He brought another good friend Tim, and with the addition of Todd we were just quite the crew.

(Road side Rice Paddies)

(Steps to Heaven)

(Just part of the drive)


So what else is there to see around the area?

(Moove over please)

(Glad I didn't hit one of these)

(Never gets old seeing people do simple things)

While walking to one waterfall, I asked a local and they mentioned another one. This one has the most remarkable bamboo. It's massive. 

(Bamboo Waterfalls)

(This little waterfall is not hardly known by many, yet it's beautiful)

After seeing this waterfall with some sisters, that rain started to pour. So I put my cell phone for the first time under the seat of the motorbike. Crack. I cracked the screen. Horrible feeling when I arrived at home and realized it. Like getting punched in the gut.  So- step into the pockets and get a new one.

(New Phone, Same Mountain, Always changing, New perspective)

(Little things bring beauty)

(Even something so simple as a leaves are art)

(How many little waterfalls here?)

(Finding deaf off the beat and track)

(Being there was 10x even more breathtaking then this picture )

(The Blues, The Greens, The Twin Volcanoes)

(Double Rainbow to Infinity)

(Sunrise on the Ocean)

(Walking on to the clouds)

What about the modern man made buildings that are meant to replace nature? They do have there place. Although a small place compared to the beauty above. 

(Look at the lizard down in the front yard, another one across the pond)

(Old meets New)

(Classic Architecture, Old Religious Institutions, New Money)

(Sunrise in Jakarta before the pollution starts)

(The Water Palace for the Prostitutes of the Sultan)

(The way to spend a morning)


(The Special School for the Deaf and Autistic held a competition)

(Grandma and Cucu)

Many years ago I had the baptism talk at the regional in Jakarta. Just recently in Jogja I was reminded by these two sisters I gave their talk. I forgot, then they helped me remember

(Baptism girls still going)

(On the streets of Semarang, randomness wants to do a picture)

(The real life that happens all around if you look)

(If i'm not painting and selling there's always texting)

My buddy Dedy in the congregation got married. I was super nervous being the chairman. I don't know, I have never done that before. Everything went smooth for all involved, and I really enjoyed the goat meat.

(These kids are the future of Indonesia)


After 10 years of being here, I finally made my way out east. And, wow oh wow was it worth it. As green and lush as Java is, the bedazzling blues of Ambon and Papua will cool your core. A friend from MTS School was getting married and he invited the class. I took him up on it. And little did I know that he planned a trip to Raja Empat Papua for all those who would be coming. The package tour he arranged was such a great deal and price, it just needed more time.

On the way we had a stop over to Ambon. What a way to spend 7 hours. Meet another buddy from MTS and take it from there. Motorbike, snorkling, bbq finish, coconuts on the cliff, and yes - soupy a local spirit.

(Clouds my thinking)

If you get time, it is still ranked one of the best diving spots in the world. Even going for a night dive above other divers was an incredible feeling. All the bubbles coming up from down below tickled me all the way.

(Welcome to Raja Empat)

Even better than a night dive is in the middle of a school. Here the locals and all are not allowed to fish around the islands. That allows the fish to just come right up to you. In this case I had 3 different schools by 3 different types of fish.  To follow the schools, and even get surrounded by one is-

(One of the world's most incredible feelings)

Sister Mei had us on a boat trip to many of the islands. We hopped around at least 9. I saw turtles, sharks, sting rays, dolphins, lobsters, clams, big fish, small fish, funny fish, corals, and this one little fish who followed me for about an hour. That was cute.

(Where the sky, ocean, and land come together)

(Underwater clams that could have swallowed me. They were huge!)

(A great moment in life- Jumping off a pirate ship into the end of the world)

(Good bye Raja)

Now to the other side of Papua- Jayapura. I had the privelege of giving the talk in Sign Language and in English. After the meeting I said I would love to go swimming.

(Playing with the Papuans)

They took me off the beat and trail to a waterfall that is not on the map. The water was some of the cleanest water I have ever been too. I was swimming and drinking the entire way.

(Cleanest water you can imagine)

At the beginning of the blog we showed you water buffalos making traffic.

(I'm use to chickens in the road, here it's piggies)

On the way home from Papua I caught a glimpse out the window of a feeling of paradise. Uninhabited twin islands in the middle of nowhere waiting for development. What would it really be like under the Kingdom Government with no urban cities and people using art and creativity to create whatever they want.

(What would you do to develop these 2 uninhabited islands?)

(Where worlds collide)

I think that's enough. As you can see, Jehovah is still blessing the work here in Indonesia. It's grown and continues to keep growing. November will be a Special Convention here in Jakarta. So history continues to be made. 

We will see when the 50th blog post comes around and what the change will be... Until then, enjoy life. It's the only one you have. 

(Starting the day with a sunrise on the mountain peak)